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Flame Treatment Machine B.HY-300HCA

1. This flame treatment machine is equipped with an auto electronic ignition device. By simply pressing the button, the flame nozzle will be ignited.
2. The cone speed and conveyor speed are separately controlled by two speed adjusting motors.
3. The flame treatment machine adopts stepless speed regulation technique and it features a micro motor for conveying.
4. Specially designed flame nozzle and distributor enhance the fuel utilization and save energy.
5. Electroplated aluminum holder combines with blue bright plating conveyor to give an impressive look.
6. Our flame treatment machine features novel structure, reasonable design and simple operation. It is assembled with movable roller wheels, allowing convenient movement.

This machine is used for flame treatment on PE or PP to improve ink adhesion on the substrates.

Flame Treatment Machine B.HY-300HCA
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