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    1. Two Layer Extruder and Cutting Machine B.JG-II
      1. The two layer extruder and cutting machine adopts a double-layer extrusion tube which can helps to reduce material cost. The two layers could be pearl and PE or PE and pigment.
      2. The temperature controller can provide separate control for different materials. In this way, the fluidness and dissolubility of materials can be optimized...
    1. Four Color Rotary Printer B.YS-4 (UV System)
      The B.YS-4 four color rotary printer is generally used to print colorized logo and pattern onto the soft tube's surface. It features a protruding plate which can provide 1-4 color transfer printing. Auto tube feeding and frequency conversion are adopted. We also supply printers that can perform varnishing with UV and hot air drying techniques. Our rotary printer is easy to operate, power efficient and it occupies very little space...
    1. Six Color Rotary Printer B.YS-6
      The six color rotary printer is freshly designed by learning the working principles of advanced abroad machines. Simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable printing quality make this machine a terrific choice for soft tube printing. Each unit such as ink unit, mandrel unit and oven is driven by its own motor. Computer control is adopted to maintain a constant, reasonable connection speed...
    1. UV Varnishing Machine
      The UV varnishing machine performs surface treatment for color-printed tubes by coating them with a glossy, transparent layer. It adopts eight-head alternative rotation, stepless speed regulation and auto tube feeding. This UV varnishing machine is suitable for treating soft tube with a diameter of 20-25mm and a length of 50-180mm. The productivity is approximately 15-30 tubes per minute and the motor power is 0.75kW ...
    1. UV Oven
      Motor of Electro-thermal Tube Blowers: 80W, 380V, 50Hz x 3
      Speed: 40 pcs/min
      Power of Electro-thermal Tube: 12kW (Power for UV Drying is 4kW)
      Oven Dimension: 4000mm x 1010mm x 1860mm
      Dimension of Packing Box: 4500mm x 1160mm x 2050mm...
    1. Hot Stamping Machine B.T-168S
      1. The B.T-168S hot stamping machine adopts micro-processor controlling and pneumatic unit driving.
      2. The pressure, temperature and time of the stamping are all adjustable.
      3. The worktable can be adjusted by forth or back movement.
      4. The worktable can move to the left or right and even be turned slightly ...
    1. B.SM-25S Screen Printing Machine, Pneumatic Cylindrical Type
      1. The screen printing machine adopts microprocessor controller to provide easy operation and high automation.
      2. A built-in 4-digit counter is designed.
      3. The main function of this screen printing machine is cylindrical and conical printing.
      4. Automatic ink scraping and returning gives rise to stable printing quality...
    1. Flame Treatment Machine B.HY-300HCA
      1. This flame treatment machine is equipped with an auto electronic ignition device. By simply pressing the button, the flame nozzle will be ignited.
      2. The cone speed and conveyor speed are separately controlled by two speed adjusting motors.
      3. The flame treatment machine adopts stepless speed regulation technique...