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Hot Stamping Machine B.T-168S

1. The B.T-168S hot stamping machine adopts micro-processor controlling and pneumatic unit driving.
2. The pressure, temperature and time of the stamping are all adjustable.
3. The worktable can be adjusted by forth or back movement.
4. The worktable can move to the left or right and even be turned slightly.
5. The hot stamping machine features adjustable automatic paper feeding and collection.
6. Stamping height can be manually adjusted by the built-in handle and air cylinder schedule is altered by the air cylinder adjusting screw.
7. Our hot stamping machine is mainly used for printings of curved surface and cylindrical product. In addition, flat printing can be performed by disassembling the shuttle table.

This hot stamping machine is widely applied for tube stampings in cosmetics, toothpaste manufacturing, pharmacy and food industries, etc.

Hot Stamping Machine B.T-168S

Max. Stamping Pressure: 1274N
Max. Stamping Height: 95mm
Stamping Plate Size: 100mm x 168mm
Stamping Temperature: 0-280 Celsius Degree
Heating Power: 900W
Stamping Foil Winding Length: ≤200mm
Max. Stamping Speed: 1000 pcs/hr
Air Consumption: 58 liter/min
Power: 220V/50Hz
Dimension: 630mm x 580mm x 1385mm
Weight: 108kg

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