Filling and Sealing Machine B.GF-80

(Filling and Sealing Machine)
The B.GF-80 filling and sealing machine has the features of automatic tube-feeding, position setting and auto tube-releasing. Filling will not continued if the machine runs out of tube. With its good and reliable performance, this machine is widely used in the field of cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, food and chemistry for soft tube filling and sealing.

Filling and Sealing Machine B.GF-80
Technical Paramteters
Model B.GF-80
Power Supply 380(220)V/50Hz
Power 5.5 kW
Filling Volume 10-180ml
Volume Precision ±1.5%
Number of Tubes to be Filled Each Time 2
Productivity 60-80 pcs/min
Tube Diameter Φ19-Φ35mm
Dimension 2320mm x 1150mm x 2190mm
Weight 1300kg
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