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Inner-Heating Filling and Sealing Machine B.GFN-30-1

(Filling and Sealing Machine)
The inner-heating filling and sealing machine is widely used for packing purposes in daily cosmetics, medicine and food industries. It features a series of functions such as automatic eye marks orientation, filling, sealing and cutting, date printing, etc. Our inner-heating filling machine is engineered with a thermo-air heating system. The two main parts of this advanced system are imported from Germany, namely a high efficient heater and a high stable flow meter. This machine adopts PLC control system to provide accurate, effective operation. Tube feeding and positioning are performed automatically, meaning more precise. A built-in touch screen menu allows easy operation. Various kinds of filling head are available for different viscosity requirements.
Inner-Heating Filling and Sealing Machine B.GFN-30-1
Technical Parameters
Model B.GF-30-1
Power Supply 380(220)V/50Hz
Power 4.2kW
Air Consumption ≤0.6m3/min
Filling Volume 10-50ml 50-100ml 100-200ml
Volume Precision ≤ ±5% ≤ ±3% ≤ ±2%
Productivity 25-30 pcs/min
Tube Diameter Φ16-Φ50mm
Dimension 1600mm x1090mm x1500mm
Weight 300kg
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