1. Folding and Cartoning Machine, B.ZH-I Automatic Type
      The folding and cartoning machine can provide folding for product manual. After being attached to the automatic filling machine, simultaneous packing of filled and sealed tube products and folded manual is allowed. Frequency conversion regulation system is adopted for speed adjustment.
    1. Cartoning Machine, B.ZH-II High Speed Automatic Type
      1. The cartooning machine is equipped with double-shaft rotatory sucking and releasing box to achieve high speed and strong stability.
      2. The sucking box adopts imported Germany oilless vacuum pumps, providing sucking process with high precision.
    1. Film Shrink Wrapping Machine B.RM
      Productivity:12 (m/min)
      Furnace Chamber (LxWxH):1000mm×450mm×250mm
      Max. Packing Dimension (WxH):450mm×250mm, there's no limitation for length
    1. Die Cutting and Shrink Wrapping Machine
      The die cutting and shrink wrapping machine is engineered with special L type sealing and cutting device, allowing the shrink package to be sealed and cut simultaneously. This machine provides high efficiency with even, non-cracking seal cut. After being sealed and cut, the processed product is automatically transported to the shrink chamber for shrinking packaging.