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    1. Vacuum Cream Making Machine ZG
      Vacuum cream making machine is mainly used to manufacture toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and many other industrial pastes. It contains numerous subparts including paste machine, pre-mix boiler, gluewater boiler, powder material hopper, colloid pump, and operation platform, etc.
    1. Vacuum Emulsifying Machine ZJR
      Vacuum emulsifying machine can provide material treatment such as heating, melting, homogenizing, cooling, emulsifying, etc. It is generally used to manufacture cream and ointment for cosmetics and pharmaceutical purpose. Our vacuum emulsifying machine is composed of oil phase boiler, water phase, emulsification vessels, operation platform and control tank.
    1. Stainless Steel Products
      At we International, we can provide any stainless steel kitchenware, including basin, cook table, dolly, tank, cart and plate, etc. Moreover, we can also design and produce stainless steel products for any industrial and household use according to your specific requirement.
    1. Powder Blender J.FL
      Powder blender can be used to blend various kinds of small grains. The J.FL powder offers high blending speed and it is an ideal equipment to produce lacquer putty and powdery material. With its amazing performance, it has become a mainstream tool in many food and chemical industries.
    1. Shampoo Production Line
      The shampoo production line is composed of shampoo vessel, mixing vessel, dosage barrel, operation platform, control cabinet, filters, pipes, The shampoo vessel serves as the main part of this production line. It is made of inner vessel, steam and cooling water isolating case, outer insulating layer for isolating case, upper speed-adjustable milling device, and material in and out devices.