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Nutritional Powder Processing Line

The nutritional powder processing line is self-designed and manufactured by adopting advanced technology of occident equipment. The following features can be found: mixer, double-screw extruder, air conveyer, five layer roasting oven, crusher and mixer. Our nutritional powder processing line is characterized by having high automation, strong stability, simple operation, large production capacity and short processing time, etc. It is generally used to produce all kinds of nutrition powder such as infant rice flour, sesame paste, bean powder and so on.

Pet Food, Protein Food Processing Line

Technical Parameters

Model Double-screw Production Line
Installed Power (kW) 68 130
Power Consumption (kW) 35 80
Production Capacity (kg/ h) 120-150 300-400
Dimension (m) 24x1.2x2.0 28x1.5x2.0
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