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    1. Packaging Machine, S-130 Horizontal Automatic Type
      The S-130 packaging machine can be adopted in the fields of food, pharmacy, chemical industry, for automatic packing of tablets, capsules, granules, powder, etc. Our packaging machine adopts heat sealing technique and offers three-side or four-side sealing. The packed bag is smooth and fine with excellent airtightness. In addition, this packaging machine offers fast packing speed while not sacrificing accurate measurement ...
    1. Packaging Machine, S-180T Horizontal Automatic Type (Dual-Package)
      The S-180 packaging machine features two filling stations, resulting more efficient packing. Adopting dual-package shaping system, our packaging machine allows two packages to be joined each time, which provides a doubled production capacity. To meet specific need, multi-material packing can be achieved by placing different fill stations together.
    1. Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Machine, S-180D Horizontal Automatic Type
      This stand-up pouch packaging machine can be adopted in the fields of food, pharmacy, chemical industry, for automatic packing of catsup, powder, granule, etc. It provides efficient packing by processing two packages at a time. Our pouch packaging machine guarantees excellent airtightness and high-speed production. It is definitely an ideal choice for bulk packing purposes.
    1. Stand-Up Pouch Packing Machine, S-180S Horizontal Automatic Type
      The S-180S stand-up pouch packing machine adopts advanced film unwind and bag forming technique, servo pouch stretching, PGU and mobile HMI, etc. These features work together to provide large torque and stable operation. Low cost mobile HMI is used which allows effective operation and control.
    1. Automatic Solution Program
      At we International, we offer solution for full automatic packaging line by providing our customer with professional turn-key project.
    1. Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine (10 Heads Combination Weigher)
      This advanced vertical form-fill-seal machine contains the following main components: CB-500 basic machine, 10 heads combination weigher, Z-type bucket elevator, vibration feeder, supporting platform, finished product conveyor, chech weigher, metal detector, and turntable, etc. With full range of equipment, our form-fill-seal machine can automatically perform the entire packing process from feeding, measuring ...
    1. Vertical Powder Form-Fill-Seal Machine
      The vertical powder form-fill-seal machine is mainly composed of CB-500 basic machine, auger filler, spiral conveyor, finished product conveyor, chech weigher, meter detector and turntable. The auger filler is driven by servo motor to provide automatic measuring and filling. Stainless steel 304 is adopted for material contact part. This vertical powder form-fill-seal machine is suitable for packing both free-flowing and poor-flowing powder.
    1. Vertical Liquid Form-Fill-Seal Machine
      The vertical liquid form-fill-seal machine contains advanced chech weigher, metal detector, turntable, etc. It adopts PLC system to provide regulatory control. Our liquid form-fill-seal machine can offer high precision, good immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact. In addition, it is compatible with most filling systems.This machine is used to pack liquid materials such as shampoo, facial cream, oil, sauce, jam, and more.
    1. Vertical 4 Edge Sealing Form-Fill-Seal Machine
      The vertical 4 edge sealing form-fill-seal machine can automatically perform bagging, sealing, date printing and counting, etc. This form-fill-seal machine adopts film drawing down system, pneumatic system and PLC. It can provide automatic film rectifying deviation and is compatible with various devices such as automatic weighing machine, measuring machine, feeding conveyor, etc.