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    1. Large Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine
      The large vertical form-fill-seal machine is principally manufactured for packing purpose of granule, powder, puffed food, peanuts, nuts, popcorn, salt, seeds, etc. It features film drawing system drove by a double-servo motor, which can provide automatic film rectifying deviation. PLC is used for regulatory control and pneumatic system is also adopted. This large vertical form-fill-seal machine possesses ...
    1. Bottle Blow Molding Machine, B.CP Full Automatic Type
      The pneumatic hollow-bottle blow molding machine can be used to blow bottles with a maximum volume of 1 liter. It is mainly designed for small batch production. One operator is needed to run the machine.
    1. Packing Machine, B.ZD Intelligent Automatic Type
      This packing machine is suitable for the packaging of scattered, flowable powdery materials.
      The jam packing machine is manufactured for the packing purpose of flowable, sticky products such as tomato ketchup, pepper jam, condiment jam, chocolate jam, hair cream, etc.
    1. Packing Machine, B.ZB Multifunction Horizontal Type
      With compact structure, stable performance and simple operation, the B.ZB packing machine serves as an ideal tool for packing numerous products of different specifications. By means of auto-computer control, our packing machine supports electronic display of technical parameters such as cutting length and rotating speed, etc. It features variable frequency stepless speed regulation.
    1. Tea Bag Packaging Machine B.DP
      The B.DP tea bag packaging machine has the function of auto filling, bag sealing, thread affixing, labeling, external bag heat sealing, auto counting, etc. It serves as an ideal tool for tea bag packing. This packaging machine is mainly used in packaging of medicine tea, slimming tea, health-strengthening tea and any other similar fine-particle products.
    1. Self Adhesive Labeling Machine, B.ZX120 Horizontal Type
      The B.ZX120 self adhesive labeling machine features compact structure, small land occupation and convenient installation. Various kinds of functional module can be installed to meet specific requirement. The supported functional modules include servo coding modular, certification modular, PP strapping package modular, heated molten sol modular, etc. High reliability and moving stability is ...
    1. Self Adhesive Labeling Machine, B.TB-L Vertical Type
      This self adhesive labeling machine is suitable for labeling round bottles and any round shaped stuff. It adopts stepping motor control, resulting efficient labeling operation with high precision and small deviation. Our self adhesive labeling machine is equipped with touch screen which can facilitate the operation and display faults. PLC control gives rise to simple operation and precise labeling.
    1. Double-Side Labeling Machine B.TB-S
      This double-side labeling machine is specially designed for labeling of flat and elliptic bottles. It is equipped with human machine interface touch screen, precise positioning device, servo driven system, etc. Simple operation is achieved by adopting PLC computer-controlled system. Compact and reasonable design makes our double-side labeling machine a good choice in the relevant tasks.
    1. Box Sealing Machine B.FX
      The box sealing machine is an ideal tool for packing cartons and it is widely used in the field of electrics, spin, food, goods, medicine, and more. By adopting adhesive belt, our box sealing machine is fairly economical and it allows simple adjustment. The B.FX6050 series box sealing machine is designed for top and bottom sealing and the tap cartridges of the two sides are interchangeable.